SugarCRM Customization That Will Simplify Your Data Entry

SugarCRM Customization That Will Simplify Your Data Entry

Author: Anastasiia Gubanovych, CRM Consultant

We continue our series of useful examples of SugarCRM customization. A CRM system is meant to simplify the work of its users. Yet, it may not always be the case. Namely, users working in SugarCRM daily are often faced with tasks that involve inputting large amounts of homogeneous information into the CRM system. This requires a lot of effort and time and, therefore, might be quite labor-consuming. Taking that into account, we’ve developed a SugarCRM customization that will greatly simplify the process. Read more »

A Perfectly Suitable Marketing Automation Tool and How to Find It [Infographic]

Author: Anna Petelina, Business Development Manager

Marketing Automation tools have already become a prerequisite for success in business. However, given a number of options available, it is not that easy to choose what will best meet your requirements. Selection of an appropriate MA tool depends on a lot of factors ranging from your business specificities to particular tasks you want it to execute. The infographic below will help you not to get lost while choosing the MA software. Read more »

How to Customize SugarCRM to Create a Form

Hands-On SugarCRM Customization: How to Create a Custom FormAuthor: Maksym Nesterenko, Software Engineer

Historically, web technologies have been designed to ensure close interaction between systems, services and their users. One of the most important and common tools of such interaction is data input. SugarCRM has plenty of such forms and that’s why they should be paid attention to. In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize SugarCRM to create a form. I would also like to note that the convenience of forms in various frameworks may be split into two components: the ease of use and the ease of creation. Read more »