Avoid CRM Regrets: Learn from the Mavericks (Ebook)

Avoid CRM regrets: Learn From the Mavericks (Ebook)We’re all familiar with stories about today’s most common business challenges – vigorous competition, digital disruption, empowered customers, and changing social norms. But, while nearly every business leader faces these challenges, only a select few are really thinking and doing things differently than their competitors.

In the CRM world, these are our Mavericks. Their stories and how they’re using CRM for business transformation give us insight that we’re delighted to share with others who are keen to challenge the status quo. Read more »

SugarCRM Webinar for an Enhanced 360° View [Recording]

How to Get a 360° View of Value Adding Activities in SugarCRMJune 14, 2017 – Those who run a business are well aware that time and information are the most valuable assets. A 360° view of customer interactions allows CRM users to evaluate the situation fast and properly, that means a quicker and smarter decision-making. Integros has recently held the webinar “How to Get a 360° View of Value Adding Activities in SugarCRM”. The purpose of the SugarCRM webinar was to give the answer to the typical business challenges: Read more »

Peculiarities of Outsourcing CRM System Customization Services

Peculiarities of Outsourcing CRM System Customization ServicesAuthor: Anna Petelina, Product Manager

Finding a competent outsource provider can be a real challenge on the one hand, but on the other hand it can bring significant advantages to your business since you get an educated workforce and availability of labor.

One may wonder. Why do I have to engage a CRM outsourcing company? To find out the answer just ask yourself: do I have the time or technical expertise to maintain or enhance my CRM system? Probably not. Read more »