Modern CRM Systems As a Way to Boost CRM Processes Efficiency

Modern CRM Systems As a Way to Boost CRM Processes EfficiencyNovember 24, Riga – Integros LLC jointly with SugarCRM Inc. held a conference for sales, marketing and customer service executives. The representatives of famous Latvian and Lithuanian companies learnt about the capabilities of modern CRM systems for improvement of CRM processes efficiency:

• Development of sales production line based on Sugar 7 platform

• Development of integrated multichannel CRM system and support of customer data quality due to Talend and Red Hat JBoss BRMS technologies Read more »

How to Customize SugarCRM to Provide Control over Data Input

Author: Alexey Yaroshenko, Software Engineer

One of the criteria of data quality with a CRM system is completeness. Unfortunately, sometimes users ignore proper data input, which leads to negative consequences, such as inability to find important data when it is needed, as well as time expenditure for updating incomplete data. All these issues can be avoided, providing control over data input by a user. Let’s have a good look how to customize SugarCRM to achieve it (by the example of partitioning the field with a phone number into 3 segments). Read more »