We Make Work in SugarCRM Faster, More Convenient and Efficient

sugarcrm customization


We can develop the unique solution to address your specific, critical and complex business needs rather than offer you off-the-shelf product.

sugarcrm integration


Integros can help you integrate SugarCRM with existing applications and get a convenient and powerful tool to manage customer relations.

sugarcrm performance tuning


We offer you a service of SugarCRM performance tuning that can help to optimize application response time and increase software uptime.

sugarcrm upgrade


Integros can assist you in SugarCRM migration projects, including migration from Sugar CE to Commercial Editions, and from Sugar 5 or 6 to 7.

Ready-to-Use SugarCRM Add-Ons

sugarcrm add-on logic builder

Logic Builder

Improve user adoption and make customization more cost-effective and faster with this visual scripting tool for SugarCRM.

sugarcrm add-on timeline viewer

TimeLine Viewer

Get an enhanced 360° view in your SugarCRM – view all the value adding activities in a single window with TimeLine Viewer.

sugarcrm add-on check list

Check List

Boost lead and knowledge management in your company using this SugarCRM add-on for best practices sharing and management.

sugarcrm add-on sugaride


Save your time and nerves – stay informed of what really matters wherever you are with this SugarCRM extension for mobile.

SugarCRM Tips. How to Improve Team Selling

SugarCRM Tips. How to Improve Team SellingWe already covered the topic of quick analysis of the situation in SugarCRM. Today, we are going to tell you how to optimize team selling with the help of TimeLine Viewer. So, let’s say that you saw an important deal pass from Open to On hold status and Ron Peters, the person in charge of the deal… Read more »

How to Create Timeline Viewer Event for a Call in SugarCRM

How to Create Timeline Viewer Event for a Call in SugarCRMIn this tutorial, we are going to consider an example of how to create an event in Timeline Viewer using Logic Builder. Let’s dive into resolving the following task – we want to register a held call in Timeline. To be more precise – we want to see made outbound and received inbound calls to Accounts, Contacts, Cases, and Leads. Read more »