Our Team

Integros Team: We Help Evolve Your Business With Innovative CRM System Sugar

Senior Executives

Nikolay Bulava CEO Integros

Nikolay Bulava


Dmytro Chupylka Consulting Director Integros

Dmytro Chupylka

Consulting Director

Victor Zhubrzhytskyy CTO Integros

Victor Zhubrzhytskyy




Kyrylo Cherkashyn CRM Consultant Integros

Kyrylo Cherkashyn

CRM Consultant

Taras Denysenko Software Engineer Integros

Taras Denysenko


Artem Dubinetskyi CRM Consultant Integros

Artem Dubinetskyi

CRM Consultant

Anastasiia Gubanovych CRM Consultant Integros

Anastasiia Gubanovych

CRM Consultant

Nataliya Gulyanitskaya Accountant Integros

Nataliya Gulyanitskaya


Maryna Ievsiukova Translator & English Tutor

Maryna Ievsiukova

Translator & English Tutor

Svetlana Koloda CRM Consultant

Svetlana Koloda

CRM Consultant

Glib Konotop Sales Manager Integros

Glib Konotop

Sales Manager

Oleksandr Kublytskyi Technical Supervisor Integros

Oleksandr Kublytskyi

Technical Consultant

Aleksandr Loginov Head of IT Infrastructure Department Integros

Aleksandr Loginov

Head of IT Infrastructure Department

Oleksandr Nedashkivskyi System Administrator Integros

Oleksandr Nedashkivskyi

System Administrator

Igor Petelin Software Engineer Integros

Igor Petelin


Anna Petelina Product Manager Integros

Anna Petelina

Product Manager

Elena Pilipenko HR Manager Integros

Elena Pilipenko

HR Manager

Viktoria Polishchuk CRM Consultant Integros

Viktoria Polishchuk

CRM Consultant

Anna Popova Project Manager Integros

Anna Popova

Project Manager

Anton Prin Architect Integros

Anton Prin


Zlatyslava Topchyi Marketing Manager Integros

Zlatyslava Topchyi

Marketing Manager

Alexandr Tyryshkin Chief of Administrative Services Integros

Alexandr Tyryshkin

Chief of Administrative Services

Irina Uvarova Software Engineer Integros

Irina Uvarova


Roman Vasylenko Software Engineer Integros

Roman Vasylenko


Maksym Yazvetskyi Senior Architect

Maksym Yazvetskyi

Senior Architect

Elena Yudina Senior Analyst Integros

Elena Yudina

Senior Consultant

Sergey Zakharenko Senior Consultant Integros

Sergey Zakharenko

Senior Consultant

Our team of technical and business professionals are committed to delivering the best SugarCRM deployments and catering on to your specific needs.

We pride ourselves in being cooperative, friendly competitive and dedicated that ensures that we can form the right team for your project. We provide fully certified SugarCRM developers, support, testing and training personnel, certified consultants, data migration and integration specialists and infrastructure specialists.