SugarCRM Add-On for an Enhanced 360° View

TimeLine Viewer: Easy Way to View All the Value Adding Activities in a Single Window

  • Your CRM system doesn’t allow viewing an activity that is really significant for your work?
  • Tired of searching for the necessary activity among tons of irrelevant data?
  • Not fully satisfied with convenience of activities’ display provided by Activity Stream?

Solve all these problems with TimeLine Viewer, SugarCRM add-on by Integros, which creates new possibilities for implementation of 360° view approach

Save your time
Avoid junk information in your CRM,
instead, define only the value adding activities and view their timeline quickly

Be more flexible
Set up activities for an object or a set of objects, filter them and view their timeline in several convenient data display modes

Have freedom of choice
Only you decide which activities matter to you most
and how they should be displayed on the timeline

Allows configuring occurrence conditions for activities in the list to make stream more relevant

Uses flexible filters which can be saved and reused

Enables viewing activity's details without leaving the screen

Allows setting up icons for activities to find them on the timeline quickly

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