Logic Builder for CRM

SugarCRM Customization Challenges or How I Befriended Logic Builder

SugarCRM Customization Сhallenges or How I Befriended Logic BuilderAuthor: Viktoriia Polishchuk, CRM Consultant

When I first met Logic Builder I was intrigued. I have already worked with other visual designers, like Red Hat BPMS and I even used to code myself once upon a time. One of the reasons I’m not a developer now is that I loved designing algorithms, but I used to dread coding itself. The more code I had the harder it was to recognize my logic behind it. I wanted a picture I can absorb in one glance, not a pile of code text, where I get lost. Read more »

How to Create an Event for a Sent or Received Email in SugarCRM

SugarCRM Tutorial: How to Create Timeline Viewer Event for a Sent or Received EmailAuthor: Anastasiia Gubanovych, CRM Consultant

In this SugarCRM tutorial, we are going to consider an example on how to create an event for a sent or received Email in Timeline Viewer using Logic Builder.

For practicing this SugarCRM tutorial, you need:

• SugarCRM instance with installed Timeline Viewer and LB Templates

• Access to Logic Builder https://logicbuilder.integroscrm.com/. Read more »