Logic Builder for CRM

Logic Builder How-To. Basic Notification Example [Video]

Basic Notification Example [Video]If you are new to Logic Builder, we recommend you to read a short guide on how to get started with it as a first step.

This video shows how to implement simple logic for custom notifications in SugarCRM by means of Logic Builder, a visual scripting tool.

You’ll see how to create a visual script, which would send a notification to users, whenever a new comment is posted to their Acitivity in Activity Stream. Read more »

Introduction to Logic Builder [Video]

Introduction to Logic BuilderWant to make your SugarCRM more convenient, flexible and cost-effective? You’ve come to the right place!

Logic Builder is a visual scripting tool for Sugar 7 Professional & Enterprise, which allows business users to customize CRM system’s logic quickly and without any programming knowledge.

Find out more exciting possibilities of this advantageous SugarCRM extension in our introduction video. Read more »