Logic Builder Cases Library. Complementing SugarCRM Hint, Enhancing B2B Sales Rep Productivity

Logic Builder Cases Library. Complementing SugarCRM Hint, Enhancing B2B Sales Rep ProductivityAuthor: Viktoriia Polishchuk, CRM Consultant

This task was solved within the presentation of sales rep productivity enhancement possibilities for PrimeTel (Cyprus), a national operator of the entire range of telecommunication services (mobile and fixed communication, IP TV, backbone, commercial and home internet).

In the B2B segment, the company serves both large transnational companies and a large number of SMB customers. Large customers are assigned to Key Account Managers (KAM), SMB customers are divided by geography and product. Thus, when dealing with large customers an account manager is responsible for interaction with all customers’ contacts, and when dealing with SMB customers, account managers may contact the same person regarding different products.

Enhancing customer experience requires solving a range of tasks:

  • To provide a simple way of receiving data to get a holistic view on the Contacts with which the account managers communicate
  • To notify KAMs in a timely manner whenever a Contact joins the Account, takes a new post or quits, if this information was not entered by the KAM
  • To notify in a timely manner all the SMB managers who work with the Account and handle Opportunities/Leads about a new Contact joining the Account

The Hint service copes well with the data enrichment, however, it is necessary for managers to be quickly notified about changes that matter. To this end, there is a need to follow up the enrichment with the labor-intensive comparison between received and existing data:

  • Based on Contact’s data, from which it is possible to determine whether it belongs to a particular Account (for example, the name of the corporate web site, company code etc.), it is necessary to find if any such corresponding Account is in Sugar and if the Contact is linked to it. If the Account is found, but the Contact is not linked, one should:
    • link the Contact with the found Account
    • notify the manager assigned to the Account regarding the new Contact of the Account
    • in case of open Opportunities, notify managers of these Opportunities about the new Contact for the Account by e-mail and via Sugar Notification
  • If the Contact has quit the linked company, if necessary, one should:
    • Notify the manager assigned to the Contact about said Contact moving to another company
    • If there are open Opportunities on the Account and the Contact is specified as Opportunity Contact in Sugar, notify all of these Opportunities’ managers that the Contact has quit the company

Here are the reasons why Logic Builder (Sugar CRM tool for visual design of data processing algorithms) was chosen to solve the task:

  • Whenever the company’s organizational structure or internal procedures change, notification-sending algorithm should also be changed; therefore, it is important to ensure the algorithms remain configurable by Sugar Administrators, not just developers.
  • It requires searching Sugar database for records of several modules at once (Accounts and Opportunities). For this reason, this task cannot be solved with standard tools, such as Workflow in Sugar Professional or Advanced Workflow in Sugar Enterprise, which limits the user to working only with the record, which triggered the process, and records directly related to it.

This way, by enhancing SugarCRM Hint with the Logic Builder possibilities, the customer gains operational and long-term advantages:

  • The automation of routine data processing operations after the enrichment positively affects User Experience and increases the efficiency of Hint integration
  • The reduction of reaction times to changes in both organizational structure and internal policies of the company thanks to the business logic being configurable by Sugar Administrator.
  • A decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership of the customized CRM solution, as the use of visual programming for Sugar enables the customer to:
    • Avoid the labor efforts of middle PHP developers on both the initial implementation stage (16 man hours) and following modifications (from 1 to 3 hours per each modification)
    • Avoid the labor efforts of a business analyst on drawing up the internal documentation on the design stage (6-10 hours) and following logic modifications (1 -2 hours per each modification) – as the visual nature of programming in Logic Builder allows it to be a form of business logic documenting in and of itself.

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