Keep On-Site Sugar CRM Updated

  • Want to improve employees’ efficiency, productivity and their work convenience?
  • Want to provide the possibility to work from any place at any time – from the office, from home or even on the move?
  • Want to access advanced analytics which allows making careful and highly effective decisions?
  • Want to create conditions for productive teamwork?
  • Your CRM system lags behind well-developed technical environment?

… Then it’s time to consider the CRM system upgrade!


Innovations pave a way to economic development and empower employees. We will help to introduce innovations to your business due to CRM system upgrade:

In our portfolio you will find projects on:


Migration from Sugar 5, 6, 7, 8 to 9


Migration from Sugar CE

Our aim is to make the upgrade of SugarCRM system for your company as safe, smooth and efficient as possible, which is why we will provide all the necessary:

Business and technical analysis of your current system and environment to define the scope of work

Migration plan, which includes budget and project timeframe estimation

Data migration which presupposes data scrubbing and data reclassification, if necessary

Customized modules migration

Integration with existing business applications

Performance optimization and the migrated system tuning

Users’ training and support


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