SugarCRM Tool for More Cost-Effective and Faster Customization

Logic Builder: The Visual Scripting Tool for SugarCRM to Improve User Adoption

Have you ever wondered…

  • How to perform a wide range of customization tasks without any programming knowledge?
  • How to become more agile and deliver ready-made solutions faster?
  • How to choose between saving money and delivering a really convenient solution?

Logic Builder is the answer to all these challenges

Save your time
Logic Builder allows customizing SugarCRM according to users’ needs faster

Improve user adoption
No need to compromise between cost and convenience, so users get exactly what they want

Control your costs
SugarCRM customization gets easier with Logic Builder
that makes the process more cost-effective and manageable

Save your costs
Logic Builder allows performing a wide range of tasks without involving developers

Save your time
No need to code solutions from scratch. Logic Builder allows creating multipurpose reusable elements

Be more flexible
Logic Builder is integrated with Sugar Advanced Workflow and is extended by custom elements easily

Be ahead of the competition
Logic Builder helps successfully compete against Salesforce, Microsoft, BPM Online, Suite CRM

Uses the principles of visual programming and doesn't require any programming knowledge

Enables creating multipurpose reusable programming blocks

Fulfills the principles of DevOps methodology
by enabling continuous delivery

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