Logic Builder. Make Your Sugar More Convenient and Efficient

The Visual Scripting Tool for Sugar to Improve User Adoption

Logic Builder allows you to bring all of your most creative Sugar automation ideas to life using a visual programming language, which gives you the power to build flexible logic of any complexity out of connectable blocks without writing even a line of code.

Make your Sugar more convenient and efficient:

  • Streamline user experience by automating routine tasks
  • Improve data quality
  • Reduce total cost of ownership


Logic Builder Features

Sugar Customization Without Coding

Want to implement your business solutions and automation ideas yourself, involving no developers? With Logic Builder, you can do just that! Create your own visual scripts in readable flowchart form with Logic Builder’s intuitive editor, which makes authoring the most complex logic as easy as building things with Lego. Without writing even a single line of code, you will be able to build scenarios, covering a wide range of cases: from simple “If This Then That” logic to the most detailed and flexible automation scripts your company needs.

Enhancement of SugarBPM

You love SugarBPM but feel like it could use a little bit more flexibility? Logic Builder makes it easy to enhance your SugarBPM with custom components. Let SugarBPM focus on user interaction and high-level business process control, while allowing Logic Builder to take care of the hard stuff: loops, complex calculations and other things over which you’d like to have precise control.

Easy Deployment and Delivery

How do you actually install your logic into Sugar? You can export any Logic Builder script as an installable package and deploy it to Sugar using the familiar process of uploading and installing it via Module Loader.

Support for Custom Fields and Modules

After importing metadata from your Sugar instance, you can access any custom fields or modules from Logic Builder flowcharts, which ensures that Logic Builder is an ideal fit for your Sugar.

Manipulating Sugar Records

You can create, retrieve, modify, delete, link and unlink any Sugar records from any of your Logic Builder scripts. Even when you set your scenario to be executed on record being saved, you’re not bound to just this one object and its relationships – you can access any, even unrelated, records.

Composition and Sending of Complex Messages

Logic Builder gives you the ability to send emails and other messages, such as Sugar Notifications, from your automation logic. Thanks to powerful templating features, your messages can contain anything from simple pre-defined text to complex tabular data, collected at runtime from Sugar records by your Logic Builder script.

Enhancing Interaction with Users

Need to implement on-the-fly form validation or display a message to the user? Logic Builder has you covered with the ability to tie scripts to front-end interactions and dynamically change form contents.

Data Flow Visualization

There is no need to remember variable names and fiddle with property windows in order to pass values from one operator to another. In Logic Builder you can see at a glance what any operator accepts and returns and pass values easily by linking one operator’s output with another’s input in just a couple of clicks. But if you love variables, those are available too.

Integration with External Web-Services Made Easy

That’s right! You can authenticate and make a call to an external web-service from within your Logic Builder flowchart. Sending an SMS, posting a message to Slack, checking currency exchange rates – anything is possible, as long as you find a web-service that does it.

Interplay with Plain Old Regular Code

Say you have a piece of complex logic already implemented in PHP or JavaScript. Want some part of it to be easily configurable and editable by non-programmers? Logic Builder is just the tool for the job! Developers can call into LB scripts from their own code to make all of the existing automation fully customizable.


Clear and Predictable Pricing with No Hidden Fees

€3,900 per year

• Per Sugar instance with sandboxes support according to SugarCRM licensing policy
• Unlimited number of users and flowcharts
• 30-day free trial