We Make Work in SugarCRM Faster, More Convenient and Efficient

SugarCRM Performance Optimization

Stop torturing yourself and delegate performance optimization to us in order to tune your CRM system by accumulated data and number of users.

Solution implementation may include:

Database indexes tuning

Cleansing of tables that include technical data

SQL queries optimization

Configuration of database cluster and applications servers

Read/write splitting queries among various physical databases

Optimization of customized modules’ code and replacement of outdated libraries

Development of special procedures on data preparation for reports

Optimization of data import/export procedures from external systems

Change of data visualization

Application servers configuration tuning

Sizing of hardware and data network

Data caching

As well as plenty of other complicated and less complicated engineering tasks which will make the work of every CRM system user more convenient.

We will carry out audit and will do whatever required to provide work speed and convenience, as we have done it many times for other companies.

Our clients’ success is a confirmation of our results

Admiral Markets CRM system Sugar

Performance optimization of high load CRM system Sugar in a trading group of companies, represented in 50+ countries with 200 employees, made it possible to reduce the system response to 3-5 sec, which has significantly boosted employees performance and as a result business revenues

Ciklum CRM system Sugar

Due to SugarCRM performance optimization in a global IT outsourcing company with 82 users, loading of records list views has been reduced in 2-3 times, which decreased the speed of requests processing to 2-4 sec. Consequently, managers and company’s performance in general has been considerably improved


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