Admiral Markets

About the Customer

Admiral Markets is an international group of companies that runs business in more than 45 countries around the world. It is a leading online provider of a wide range of trading services for hundreds of thousands of customers.
In 2013, the owners of Admiral Markets set up a target to expand significantly the company geographic reach, and, at the same time, to keep a key competitive position – the highest level of customer service. In this business case we want to share experience that can be useful to anyone who is planning a thorough SugarCRM customization and upgrade under conditions of fast business growth.


In order to ensure the highest level of customer service amidst a rapidly growing customer base, SugarCRM certified team had to solve several issues:

  • To improve and automate Lead management processes;
  • To simplify the Manager’s access to the current and full customer information, which is stored in several accounting systems via the single interface;
  • To create a system for monitoring the major events and alerting of their occurrence;
  • To use the CRM system as a tool for analytic operations;
  • To provide the preparation and transfer of customer data to an external mailing system;
  • To create the possibility for storing, systematization and managing the customer information inside the CRM system;
  • To ensure the consolidation of customer data from several communication channels inside the CRM system over the integration with different trading systems;
  • To create a complex of operational and management reporting;
  • To provide the highest level of customer data confidentiality;
  • To support a high level of motivation of Managers, aiming at reaching the common goal of the company.

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Solutions and results

By this, all the works had to be implemented within short timeframes and under conditions of the working CRM system. What is more, it was decided to work on the basis of Scrum methodology principles. The results of in close cooperation, targeted at SugarCRM customization in terms of the system and improvement are the following:

  • Monitoring the speed and quality of work with the customers right from the moment of customer’s first registration via optimizing the Lead management processes and customer’s service
  • Automation of Lead identification procedure, intelligent assigning of Leads to Managers, and the procedure of monitoring and balancing of each Manager’s workload.
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of work with the customer via creating a single CRM system interface to provide the access to full customer data.
  • Achieving better results of cooperation with the existing customers by providing the possibility for gathering, storing and processing of customer data about customers from major accounting systems.
  • Effective building up of the customer base.

In many ways, the challenges were met due to the properly chosen work activity management and through using an open source platform.

If you need to upgrade or customize SugarCRM significantly and your business involves quick pace of growth and the dynamics of change, the use of open source platforms in combination with Agile-approaches allows obtaining the desired result within a very short period of time.