Effective Solution of Urgent Tasks of Every Complexity Level

SugarCRM System Outsource.
Entrust Your CRM System in Safe Hands

Outsourcing is a real way to achieve maximum result with minimum efforts. You receive:

Quick access to best practices in sales, marketing and customer experience management

Experience in solving every engineering task, related to CRM system implementation

Necessary number of qualified staff only for the period required to carry out work

Full control over budget

40+ professionals are involved in your success story

SugarCRM consultants will help you find an unconventional solution to a business task, optimize your processes and elaborate relevant methodologies

analysts, 4 out of whom are certified by SugarCRM, will turn business ideas and desires into clear specifications, will document the processes and help users

developers, 4 out of whom are certified SugarCRM developers, will provide customization and integration of every complexity level

system engineers will assist in selecting and configuring CRM system infrastructure, suggest the ways to ensure customer data security and high speed of work

project managers will provide you with all necessary information on the project run and will help to manage the course of works

At your disposal

Payment by time & material

Dedicated team with fixed price

Project fixed price


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