Looking Ahead at CRM Trends for 2018

Looking Ahead at CRM Trends for 2018For many, CRM trends for the New Year seem pointless for three main reasons: long technology development cycles, the industry’s obsession with one or two big ideas over the course of multiple years, and journalists’ penchant for trends that are either too obvious or too outlandish to really drive value. But, thanks to some hyper-development in CRM (and tech in general) driven by AI, mobile and the cloud (as well as some less obvious drivers like GDPR), we’re finally seeing some interesting changes take shape and fuel new possibilities. Given this backdrop, I’d like to offer some CRM trends that could actually be worth considering. Read more »

SugarCRM Tips. How to Improve Team Selling

SugarCRM Tips. How to Improve Team SellingAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

We already covered the topic of quick analysis of the situation in SugarCRM. Today, we are going to tell you how to optimize team selling with the help of TimeLine Viewer.

So, let’s say that you saw an important deal pass from Open to On hold status and Ron Peters, the person in charge of the deal, left a comment saying that the customer needs to thoroughly evaluate the economic effect from the cooperation, so they decided to take a break to make a decision. Read more »