The Lazy Guide to Outsourcing Your CRM system [Infographic]

The Lazy Guide to Outsourcing your CRM system [Infographic]Author: Anna Petelina, Business Development Manager

Why To Engage a CRM outsourcing company? Answer the question. Do you have the time or technical knowhow to maintain or enhance your CRM system? Probably not.

In our experience, to extract the most value from your CRM system you need a wide variety of technical and methodological skills. For many business owners, the decision to outsource CRM tasks doesn’t come lightly. There’s a lot of sensitive information in your CRM solution, so finding trustworthy people is obviously a top priority. Read more »

Considering SugarCRM? Don’t Fall Into Trap Choosing the Right Option for Yourself [Infographic]

Author: Anna Petelina, Business Development Manager

SugarCRM meets the requirements of businesses of various sizes and industries by providing 3 different software packages: Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. In today’s infographic we observe Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise editions in order to outline distinctions between them to help you find proper solution for your company. Read more »