How to Configure TimeLine Viewer Dashboards and Dashlets [Video]

How to Configure TimeLine Viewer Dashboards and Dashlets [Video]TimeLine Viewer for Sugar helps you find out just in a few seconds what important things happened in your CRM system.

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to configure different TimeLine Viewer dashboards and dashlets to keep up with the events and changes that are of interest to you, so you can always have all key business information at your fingertips. You will see that it’s as easy as pie! Read more »

SugarCRM Customization Challenges or How I Befriended Logic Builder

SugarCRM Customization Сhallenges or How I Befriended Logic BuilderAuthor: Viktoriia Polishchuk, CRM Consultant

When I first met Logic Builder I was intrigued. I have already worked with other visual designers, like Red Hat BPMS and I even used to code myself once upon a time. One of the reasons I’m not a developer now is that I loved designing algorithms, but I used to dread coding itself. The more code I had the harder it was to recognize my logic behind it. I wanted a picture I can absorb in one glance, not a pile of code text, where I get lost. Read more »

Spring ’18 and Sugar 8 Are Now Available

Spring ’18 and Sugar 8 Are Now AvailableWe have some good news. We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of the latest version of Sugar (Spring ’18 for Sugar cloud customers and Sugar 8 for on-premise customers).

Last fall, we moved to a quarterly release cycle for Sugar cloud customers to accelerate the pace of feature innovation. Correspondingly, Sugar on-premise customers moved to a predictable annual release model, aligning the cloud and on-premise offerings with each year’s spring release. This being spring, on-premise customers have now “caught up.” Read more »