Sugar Discover: The Time-Aware CRM Tool Your Business Needs

Author: David Campbell, SugarCRM’s Vice President of Product Marketing

Without getting too deep into the laws of physics and complex science, Einstein demonstrated that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter what speed an observer travels. His conclusion, then, is that space and time are interrelated on a single continuum, which is known as space-time. To put this as simply as possible, this means that events that occur at one time for one observer could theoretically happen at a different time for another observer. Read more »

What Makes Sugar an Optimal CRM Platform for Mid-Size Business

Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO
To find their own way to grow a business, medium-sized companies are in constant search for balance between systematicity and flexibility. Unlike small business, mid-sized one is much more standardized and systemic, but unlike a corporation, they have a lot of manually controlled exceptions to rules. This makes every mid-size company unique in its way. Read more »

How Pandemic Transforms Requirements to Enterprise CRM

Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO
It took only two months for COVID-19 to change the world. The introduction of quarantine has changed the way of running the business and negatively impacted the economy. Companies are forced to adjust their processes and systems to new conditions of the remote work. CRM is no exception.

When self-isolating, we cannot receive important CRM information from our colleagues over a cup of coffee or lunch, by bumping into them in the corridor or elevator and overhearing some talks in the open space. Read more »