How Pandemic Transforms Requirements to Enterprise CRM

Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO
It took only two months for COVID-19 to change the world. The introduction of quarantine has changed the way of running the business and negatively impacted the economy. Companies are forced to adjust their processes and systems to new conditions of the remote work. CRM is no exception.

When self-isolating, we cannot receive important CRM information from our colleagues over a cup of coffee or lunch, by bumping into them in the corridor or elevator and overhearing some talks in the open space. Read more »

Single Source of Truth About Customers in a Complex IT-Landscape

Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

In August 2019, 80% of Forrester survey respondents saw a single source of truth about the customer as a “significant” or “indispensable” factor to ensure the seamless customer experience. 43% stated that its creation across a complex IT-landscape is their top CX challenge.

We are going to show you how to quickly and effectively address this challenge and related ones, using the solutions from the SugarCRM ecosystem. Read more »

Top 5 Sugar Webinars of 2019

We looked back in the past year and prepared a list of Sugar webinars that rocked 2019! Based on popularity with the audience, we picked 5 most engaging webinars. If you are looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration for your CRM success in 2020, watch the selection. Read more »