Easy Way to Save 4+ Days and Ensure the Excellent Experience to Every CRM User

Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

If you have doubts that it is possible, read this article to the end and find out how to save time for every CRM user and make their work more efficient and comfortable.

Hidden reserves

Processing the list of leads, we click on a linked company to review related details. Monitoring open orders, we go to contract details and the key person info. Handling service requests, we look at agreement terms. Reviewing a list of open tasks, we look at the link of related account or contact.

Typically, each of us has a long list of day-to-day tasks when we have to make clicks to get essential information to do our work the best way. Each click means navigation to a new screen and going back, and each time we are imperceptibly wasting 5-7 seconds. Of course, this annoys a little, but it takes such a short time that we prefer to ignore it.

Nevertheless, the unpleasant fact is that with 100 extra clicks per day only, every user wastes around 10 minutes just on waiting, which turns to be about 4.5 working days per year. Multiply this time on the number of teammates, and you will get an impressive amount of time.

If you reduce these extra clicks, you will save time and ensure excellent experience to every CRM user.

3 exciting features to save time and ensure the excellent user experience

These three Sugar CRM features help you dramatically reduce extra clicks in your day-to-day work.

Renewal Console

This Sugar Sell core feature combines a sales dashboard and list view capabilities as well as a view of essential details of Account or Opportunities directly from the list. You can see crucial information, leave new comments in the comment log, and review the history of interaction without extra clicks and switching screens. You are free to configure what portfolios you wish to manage and what fields will be presented in а list and detailed views.

Service Console

This Sugar Serve core feature helps service people to manage quickly and efficiently all and any cases and SLA execution from a single screen. You can review details of the customer account and data related to the case, like involved contacts, tasks, and documents. Add new comments to the comment log and review the history of interaction without extra clicks and switching screens.

Quick Info Add-on

This easy to use Sugar CRM add-on beefs up no-touch capabilities on consoles, dashboards, in a list-view or record view modes, and subpanels. With Quick Info add-on, you will get essential info whenever you point on the link of your interest. You can investigate relationships as deeply as you need without windows switching, just surf from the link to the link in the infotips. You are free to configure out-of-the-box infotips or create your own ones to provide the ultimate user experience.

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