We Help Customers Sell More

We Improve the Work of Our Customers with SugarCRM

We Are the Mirror of Our Customers

We make the work of our customers easier, faster and more convenient.
We have 150+ projects for 70+ companies from different industries: Internet business, IT, banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistic and telecommunications.
Among our Customers are the companies from Denmark, Estonia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Latvia and USA.

Our core services include:

Integros provides the full range of SugarCRM services:

  • Business consulting
  • SugarCRM customization and integration
  • SugarCRM performance tuning
  • SugarCRM upgrade
  • SugarCRM support
  • SugarCRM plugins development

We are open to new challenges and are excited to bring our experience in your project! We want our customers to benefit from the competitive, cutting edge open source product we provide. We strive to deliver good commercial advice and expertise.

Sugar is our core business, therefore we do our best for you to take the most out of Sugar.


Why Choose Us

  • We offer offbeat approach to solution customer problems.
  • We are proud of our team of experienced SugarCRM consultants and engineers who have profound knowledge of all Sugar versions and editions.
  • We have a long-term experience in implementing complex projects with complicated integration and big amount of data.

Company Mission and Values

Our mission focuses on helping customers find and implement the right CRM solution in order to increase business efficiency.

We help our customers do their jobs better.

Along with Sugar and our customers we face new challenges and create enhanced user experience.

We keep and develop our business values and expand them beyond our Company.

  • We think globally.
  • We implement system, considering customer’s specifics and business objectives.
  • We are open to new challenges and cooperation.
  • We help you rapidly build powerful user experience.
  • We keep our core values of commitment, accountability, openness and transparency.

Contact Us now to discuss your need

sugarcrm customization


We can develop the unique SugarCRM solutions to address your specific and critical business needs rather than offer you off-the-shelf product.

sugarcrm integration


Integros can help you integrate SugarCRM with existing applications and get a convenient and powerful tool to manage customer relations.

sugarcrm performance tuning


Integros offers you a service of SugarCRM performance tuning that can help to optimize application response time and increase software uptime.

sugarcrm upgrade


We can assist you in SugarCRM upgrade and migration projects, including migration from CE to Commercial Editions, and upgrade from Sugar 5,6,7,8 to 9.