We Help to Find and Implement Actionable CRM Innovations

Everything we do, we challenge the status quo of CRM solution implementation. The way we challenge the status quo is by joining your and our experience, industries best practices, existing IT-landscape with appropriate CRM techs to find and implement actionable CRM innovations.

We do believe that every company is unique in its way, and CRM solutions must support this uniqueness.

We do believe that user-stories are the essence of the uniqueness of a company and the implementation of user-stories is the key to get both good user adoption and high-quality data that are necessary for management decisions and AI-based innovations.

We do believe that CRM users deserve and can to be on top of everything that happened or planned no matter how many IT-systems are used.

That is why we are a CRM consultant, system integrator, and CRM software vendor at one time.

Since 2002 we have worked with dozens of companies from 17 countries on 3 continents and different industries: IT, banking, professional services, insurance, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, and telco.

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What Customers Say

"Logic Builder ensures we are able to adapt and respond to change quickly. If a workflow changes or needs to be enhanced with additional automated functions, we have the ability to make those adjustments in just a few minutes. We save time, money and our workflows are always up-to-date."

Brant Myers

Client Services Manager,

"We are happy to have such a professional team as our trusted Sugar partner."

Ronald van Haaften

APG Europe

"After implementing Logic Builder, we are able to better visualize the needs presented by our departments and can implement solutions in days as opposed to weeks or months. Ultimately, Logic Builder and Integros’ support brings developer level customization to a “point and click” level."

John Bievenour

Vice President,
The Insurance Exchange

"I put most of my time using the Timeline Viewer to understand the activities my sales team has taken with leads, existing customers and opportunities. I need to ensure we are actively servicing the customer and not letting anything go undone."

Ron Hicks

Vice President, NA Sales&Services,
API Metrology

"The tool is very visual and robust in terms of it needs to do and is very easy to implement with its visualization and ease of user experience. Not being a code developer Logic Builder has allowed me to quickly implement changes required to our system."

Jim Ramlall

Application Implementation Specialist,

"Need ToDo Viewer provides a way to view upcoming events to ensure nothing is falling between the cracks. This is especially important for our sales team that needs to be able to see their activity from different perspectives."

Brant Myers

Client Services Manager,

"They sent me a link to a webinar, with the exact solution I needed. It was explained in such clear and detailed steps that my pet dog could have implemented it. What was the catch? It had all been achieved with Logic Builder."

Dr. Emma Stringer

Cantab Consulting Ltd

"Logic Builder is a native solution that allows us to configure logic of segmenting clients very flexibly."

Vladimir Popov

Admiral Markets

"I enjoy starting my day Timeline and NeedToDo Dashboards. This is a quick look at our activity allowing me to take action if necessary."

Ron Hicks

Vice President, NA Sales&Services,
API Metrology

"I have been working with CRM business processes for more than 15 years and are used to doing advanced configuration and request new development. I have no coding skills, but after I found Logic Builder I can now perform all the customizations to SugarCRM that I previously relied on developers for such as high-performance business logic."

Lars Aagesen

Compliance Manager,
Logis Solutions

"Timeline Viewer provides a historical view of activities at a glance, no matter what type of activity it is. The type of activities or actions that are added to the Timeline are customized to reflect whatever is important to your organization. At Terradatum, this is most impactful to our sales team and support team."

Brant Myers

Client Services Manager,

"We are now live with automation of a number of our Waste Services processes with more in the pipeline. We are also more confident in implementing our other plans too.

This would not have been possible without SugarCRM, your help and Logic Builder tool!"

Daniel Reason

Senior Enabling Technology Officer,
West Lindsey District Council utility services

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