How IT Can Enable Better Customer Experience in the Finance Industry

Author: Mykola Bulava, CEO

CIOs and solution architects in the finance industry face challenges of aligning various processes to ensure a positive customer experience (CX) through having hybrid communication with the client — through both traditional branches and via digital channels. With extensive experience in this area, we answer the most important question of how to enable CX, but also what steps to take, the tools to use, and why we believe this is the best methodology. Read more »

The Surprising Way I Boosted My Marketing Productivity in Sugar

Modern marketers have to juggle lots of tasks every day while deadlines are breathing down their neck. We are lucky to live in the automation era – with CRM systems and marketing automation tools in place, we are able to do more. But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on a routine, like navigating a CRM system? How long does it take to click on a link, watch the information and go back? Have you ever been annoyed by multiple windows opened at the same time when you forget what you are looking for, so you have to look through them again? Read more »