Sugar Discover: The Time-Aware CRM Tool Your Business Needs

Author: David Campbell, SugarCRM’s Vice President of Product Marketing

Without getting too deep into the laws of physics and complex science, Einstein demonstrated that the speed of light within a vacuum is the same no matter what speed an observer travels. His conclusion, then, is that space and time are interrelated on a single continuum, which is known as space-time. To put this as simply as possible, this means that events that occur at one time for one observer could theoretically happen at a different time for another observer. Read more »

What Makes Sugar an Optimal CRM Platform for Mid-Size Business

Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO
To find their own way to grow a business, medium-sized companies are in constant search for balance between systematicity and flexibility. Unlike small business, mid-sized one is much more standardized and systemic, but unlike a corporation, they have a lot of manually controlled exceptions to rules. This makes every mid-size company unique in its way. Read more »