No-Touch CRM

Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield.

In this crazy race we call tech innovation, the last couple of years have been running at top speed in the front-office business apps market. Cloud and mobile tech have completely reshaped the industry, bringing dozens and dozens of innovative, easy-to-use apps to the business professional. And you, the buyer, are really in the driver’s seat with so many great SaaS choices to run your sales, marketing and customer service departments. Read more »

How to Want to Upgrade SugarCRM Again and Again?

How to Want to Upgrade SugarCRM Again and Again?Author: Anna Petelina, Product Manager

As current CRM systems mature, companies inevitably want to upgrade to newer, better systems. Therefore, it is important to plan properly.

With all those innovations these days — including new social, mobile and cloud-based capabilities — many organizations want to move their customer service operations from older CRM system to something better. We can help to introduce innovations to your business with a SugarCRM upgrade. Read more »

Introducing SugarBPM™

Introducing SugarBPM™One of the inevitable challenges that arises out of business growth is complexity. A growing sales force means more complexity in getting the right leads to the right reps. A growing customer base means more complexity in handling greater volumes of service and support requests. A growing employee population means greater complexity in maintaining productivity and job satisfaction.

Enter SugarBPM™. We’re excited to share with you the new name and added capabilities under what was formerly known as Sugar Advanced Workflow. Read more »