How to Create an Event for a Sent or Received Email in SugarCRM

SugarCRM Tutorial: How to Create Timeline Viewer Event for a Sent or Received EmailAuthor: Anastasiia Gubanovych, CRM Consultant

In this SugarCRM tutorial, we are going to consider an example on how to create an event for a sent or received Email in Timeline Viewer using Logic Builder.

For practising this SugarCRM tutorial, you need:

• SugarCRM instance with installed Timeline Viewer and LB Templates

• Access to Logic Builder Read more »

SugarCRM Tips. How to Find Customers or Leads Received Insufficient Attention

SugarCRM Tips. How to Find Customers or Leads Afforded Insufficient AttentionAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

We keep sharing the secrets on how SugarCRM can make your work faster and easier. In our previous materials, we explained how to quickly figure out what important events have happened. Today we are going to deal with another interesting issue “what important thing has NOT happened?”.

Chief Sales Officers want to know which deals are not pushed forward and which leads are untended. Read more »