No-Touch CRM

Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield.

In this crazy race we call tech innovation, the last couple of years have been running at top speed in the front-office business apps market. Cloud and mobile tech have completely reshaped the industry, bringing dozens and dozens of innovative, easy-to-use apps to the business professional. And you, the buyer, are really in the driver’s seat with so many great SaaS choices to run your sales, marketing and customer service departments.

So, what comes next? Here’s our take: business apps are poised to make the leap from being just a better productivity tool – a better notebook if you will – to actually becoming a personal assistant that guides you through your day. Don’t we all want an app to keep us organized, on-time and fully prepared every day? And if you work with customers, you want that personal assistant to tell you something new and insightful about each customer, suggesting what you should do next.

Don’t we all want an app to keep us organized, on-time and fully prepared every day?

That’s where Sugar comes in. A new wave of Industry 4.0 innovation is upon us and we are leading the charge on how it will define your customer experience strategy. Sugar is now delivering a new type of customer experience management app, one that is beginning to make the promise of a personal customer assistant real.

We call it “No-Touch CRM.”

In a “No-Touch CRM” world, business professionals simply go about their day using their standard email, calendar and mobile tools to connect with their customers and receive relevant answers at the right point in the customer’s journey. Automated emails and SMS alerts fire off in the background that keep you engaged with your customers without you needing to lift a finger. Your personal assistant suggests automated email follow-ups and recommends updates to your CRM records based upon what was said in the last interaction with your customer. Insights about your customers are pushed to your device as they happen, without you ever having to know to ask the question. Across the board, your personal customer assistant coaches you on building a valuable business relationship with your customers.

Much of this technology is available today, some is being built and yet even more is still being developed by incredibly bright developers. Sugar is harnessing this incredible wave of new technology happening right now to deliver something you’ve always wanted, but never thought was possible.

No-Touch CRM. Now that’s cool.

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Author: Clint Oram

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