How Not to Regret Installing SugarCRM with MS SQL Server

How Not to Regret Installing SugarCRM with MS SQL ServerAuthor: Taras Denysenko, Software Engineer

When installing a new SugarCRM instance with MS SQL Server, it is highly recommended to ensure that the database for SugarCRM has a Windows collation set, otherwise it might run into heavy performance issues on large amounts of data due to indexes not working as intended. To that end, unless your MS SQL Server instance has a Windows collation specified in its settings, it would be best to manually create a database to be used for installation, configuring it to use one of collations without the SQL_ prefix, instead of relying on SugarCRM installer to create a new database for you. Read more »

How CRM Contributes to a Company’s Success: CIOs’ Perspectives [Infographic]

Author: Zlatyslava Topchyi, Marketing Manager

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in organizations continues to evolve. While new technologies are emerging rapidly, CIOs need to keep balance between innovations and budget constraints. And as innovativeness is now considered to be the basis for competitive ability, CIOs should be especially careful when choosing technical solutions for their companies. Those who take a long view and invest in innovations that ensure the biggest ROI and effectiveness will lead the way. Gartner 2016 CIO Agenda Survey found the most promising technology investments in 2016 from CIOs’ perspective. Read more »

How to Customize SugarCRM to Highlight ListView Record in Color

How to Customize SugarCRM to Highlight ListView Record in ColorAuthor: Maksym Nesterenko, Software Engineer

Quite frequently a user needs to highlight some information from the general mass. As a rule, sophisticated filters are used for that, which have evolved in SugarCRM 7 pretty well in terms of UI. However, only experienced users, who have already mastered SugarCRM, can afford complex manipulations with filters. But even they will rejoice when the system does “something” instead of them and will get a bit more user-friendly. Read more »