Logic Builder Cases Library. Adding Custom Validation to the Lead Conversion Procedure in SugarCRM

Logic Builder Cases Library. Adding Custom Validation to the Lead Conversion ProcedureAuthor: Sergey Zakharenko, Senior Consultant

The task described below was solved within the project of implementing a CRM system on the Sugar Enterprise 7.8 platform for TopConnect, the operator and distributor of Travel SIM, a mobile communication service for travelers.

TopConnect operates through the network of Partners in different countries and Partners are the key channel for business development. One of the key tasks in the CRM systems is to reduce the time of Partner onboarding along with respecting the requirements of the onboarding policy.

Before a new partner is to be connected to the special Simple SIM Manager service, managers of the TopConnect Commerce Department must check if Sales Department completed all necessary procedures:

  • Signing of the NDA with the Partner
  • Agreeing of terms of cooperation with the Partner
  • Registering of the Partner in the local systems
  • Etc.

According to the procedure, until the onboarding is completed, the data on the Partner is stored in the CRM system as a Lead. Partner onboarding presupposed the implementation of lead conversion and required the adding of custom verification logic to the basic conversion algorithm.

Given that both data and monitoring rules can undergo changes, it was important to ensure that the CRM Administrator would have the ability to modify verification logic without involving a developer. That is why Logic Builder was chosen for the implementation of the task.

By means of Logic Builder a validation algorithm (flowchart) that returned the text describing the violations, if any, was described and configured. The standard lead conversion procedure was extended by coding in PHP to call into said validation flowchart, since the lead conversion itself was not subject to frequent changes.

Thus, until all conditions were met, the user was shown a message with the description of the conditions still to be fulfilled, and was blocked from converting the Lead.

The use of the visual programming tool…

  • Speeded up and facilitated the work of Commercial Department employees, reduced the number of errors
  • Empowered the Sugar administrator to perform customization of validation logic
  • Reduced the labor intensity of the initial implementation by 8 work/hours of a middle PHP programmer, thanks to using Logic Builder’s Sugar data processing components
  • Excluded the risk of knowledge loss and reduced the cost of technological documentation preparation, as a Logic Builder flowchart may be regarded as a form of business logic documentation

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