SugarCRM & GoToWebinar: 3 Steps to a Perfect Automated Follow-Up

SugarCRM and GoToWebinar Integration: 3 Steps to a Perfect Automated Follow-UpHigh five if you also find webinars a cool marketing tool. We are not the only ones who think so – 75% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads. While these leads are hot, it’s important to quickly and efficiently process them and to send a relevant follow-up email. If you hold webinars regularly, this process needs maximum automation. Let’s see how we can achieve it.

Appropriate leads processing is a key to effective follow-up, which can help you to convert your leads into sales. GoToWebinar allows collecting behavior data on leads: whether the lead attended a webinar, asked question and which ones, listened up to the end, participated in polls, rated the webinar and so on. This data can help to create personalized emails, but first, it must be exported to the CRM system.

Step 1. Integrate SugarCRM with GoToWebinar

If you google how to integrate SugarCRM with GoToWebinar, you will find standard connectors like zapier and leadsbridge in the search results. Don’t rush to install them if your goal is quick and quality leads processing. The main idea of these connectors is to push leads from one system to another, while important behavior information won’t be exported to Sugar – you will have to input this data manually. Furthermore, this integration may simply not suit your CRM system version, may be obsolete and not supported.

At this webinar, we are talking about how to intelligently integrate SugarCRM and GoToWebinar without programming. We use Logic Builder, a cloud visual designer whose capabilities go far beyond the current integration example and allows creating various customizations for Sugar.

What does “intelligent” integration involve? For convenient behavior data storage, Leads module is extended with additional fields. Based on our webinars, more than 20% of attendees are repeat leads and the current customers who are already in the system, that’s why the integration includes an automatic check whether the relevant Contact or Account exists. If so, Lead is linked to existing records, if not – new records are created as well as tasks for their enrichment. Leads filtering based on webinars and behavior data is also available.

Step 2. Enrich records

Once you have all important behavior data on Leads, it’s time to enrich records with Hint. Just a couple of clicks for each record – everything is ready for the creation of the perfect follow-up.

Step 3. Automate follow-up

So, you collected a maximum of important and high-quality CRM data, having made minimum efforts. Now it’s time to contact webinar participants and move them forward through the funnel. Sure, having such an amount of incoming data, the process should be automated.

Here you can find how to configure automatic follow-up process for your webinars.

We combined the capabilities of Logic Builder and SugarBPM to create a campaign logic and email templates. Now, depending on incoming conditions, webinars attendees will receive the most personalized emails which will correspond to their activity at the webinar, the history of interactions with your company and lead interests.

Examples of conditions for personalizing the follow-up:

  • Time of attendance (full, partial, not attended)
  • Webinar rate (1-5)
  • Questions (yes+answered, yes+not answered, no)
  • Account Type (customer, prospect, former customer, partner, etc.)
  • Previous interaction (yes, no)
  • Etc.

Email content depends on your goals. Thank the attendees who highly rated your webinar, suggest a call to the attendees who have some questions left, think how to attract leads who couldn’t make it to the webinar. Email templates can be easily edited, and thanks to personalization can be reused.

Lead processing and follow-up are not less important than an invitation to a webinar. GoToWebinar found that the average audience viewing time for a webinar is 57 minutes. Few types of content can capture leads attention for so long! So once you automated your follow-up process, you will be sure that you have done everything to convert a lead into sale.

Watch the webinar “GoToWebinar & Sugar Integration or How to Automate Webinars Leads Processing Without Programming” and find out how to set up integration in action.

Watch the Webinar

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