8 Time-Saving Automations for SugarCRM (No Coding Required)

8 Time-Saving Automations for SugarCRM (No Coding Required)Business process automation is a key to saving time. Due to modern visual tools for Sugar, such as Logic Builder and SugarBPM™, process automation doesn’t even require code changes. Here is a series of video tutorials “Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development” dedicated to the automation of the most common and relevant business tasks.

If you are looking for examples of how to automate and enhance your business processes, consider these eight useful tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Update an Address for Contacts, open Leads and open Quotes whenever Billing Address changes in Account

This automation ensures that whenever your CRM data changes, it remains consistent across all the related records.

Tutorial 2: When Contact leaves the Company, remove Contact from Opportunity participants and/or assign Task to the manager on Contacts List update

Another SugarCRM customization to keep your data accurate and up-to-date, and to help your employees stay informed about the tasks to be done.

Tutorial 3: Configuring email content

Watch the tutorial on how to preprocess a bunch of data for the automated sending of recipient-friendly emails. For illustration, the task “When Opportunity is closed as Closed Won, send Email with full Order Specs to Engineering Department” is shown.

Tutorial 4: Verifying email address & asking consent for using it

In this tutorial, let’s delve into a very sensitive issue – customer data privacy. Look how to ensure email address validation and send request of consent to processing personal data to Lead.

Tutorial 5: Enhancing SugarBPM. Data exchange with other systems

Better together. Look how to complement SugarBPM™ (formerly known as Sugar Advanced Workflow) with Logic Builder capabilities. The tools successfully work in tandem, which is proven by the example: “Prior to assigning Lead to Sales Rep, verify Lead’s email address”.

Tutorial 6: Apply Sale Discount to the Quote

Small, but important customization to enhance your sales process. In this tutorial, you will find out how to apply Special Offer on Category of Product from particular Vendor when composing a Quote.

Tutorial 7: How to Add Bundle of Products to the Quote

Product bundles help companies to boost cross-selling, and they are also popular with customers who appreciate discounts and simplicity of ordering products. Discover the solution for managing Product bundles.

Tutorial 8: How to Configure CRM Data Validation

Data quality is crucial for CRM success. This video tutorial shows how to implement the rules to ensure that only proper data is entered into Sugar.

Looking for a solution to any of the above tasks? Get access to our step-by-step video tutorials.

Watch the Tutorials

Feel like you’re doing the same tasks again and again? Try automation! In the above tutorials, we use Logic Builder. This SaaS visual editor provides incredibly flexible capabilities for customizing SugarCRM and automating routine tasks. You can find more information about Logic Builder here: https://integroscrm.com/logic-builder/

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