What Did You Do in SugarCRM Today?

What Did You Do in SugarCRM Today?Author: Dmytro Chupylka, Consulting Director

Are you often asked about important things that have happened to you lately?

It reminds us of an epic conversation between a parent and a kid:
– What did you do at school today?
– Nothing.

It is amazing how it is simple and, at the same time, difficult to express the depth and history of one day from the kid’s life. You need to have a talent of a storyteller and skills to place accents. Read more »

Webinar: How to Get a 360° View of Value Adding Activities in SugarCRM [Video]

How to Get a 360° View of Value Adding Activities in SugarCRMApril 06, 2017 – Most SugarCRM users know that it offers a 360° view of customer interactions, which is a real help. It seems to be redundant, however, this full visibility can be even “fuller”. Integros hosted a SugarCRM webinar on how to go beyond the standard possibilities of Sugar Activity Streams by improving a 360° approach.

The attendees found out how to quickly and easily resolve a wide range of such typical business challenges, as: Read more »

Logic Builder How-To. New Note Gets Lead to In Process Status [Video]

Basic Notification Example [Video] If you use SugarCRM, you probably know how important it is for lead management to always keep Lead status updated. Failing to do this may lead to the situation when you forget to process Lead timely.

In this SugarCRM video tutorial, we share an example of implementing simple logic for Leads in Sugar, using Logic Builder. You’ll see how a Lead automatically gets In Process status, once a new Note is added to Lead. Quite useful SugarCRM customization, isn’t it? Read more »