What Did You Do in SugarCRM Today?

What Did You Do in SugarCRM Today?Author: Dmytro Chupylka, Consulting Director

Are you often asked about important things that have happened to you lately?

It reminds us of an epic conversation between a parent and a kid:
– What did you do at school today?
– Nothing.

It is amazing how it is simple and, at the same time, difficult to express the depth and history of one day from the kid’s life. You need to have a talent of a storyteller and skills to place accents.

However, an experienced parent can find the way to hear a detailed story of his kid like children were detained after the lesson and a kid’s pencil got broken just in the middle of the drawing lesson.

What if you were asked: “What did you do at work today?”

Well, our day is full of a chain of events; perhaps, we even register some activity in CRM, and we are much more expressive than our children in describing the story of our working day.

How helpful is the registration of this history in seeing the essence for the person who is entitled to make decisions?

As managers make decisions judging the history in CRM, so parents make a decision for their kids.

As a parent tries to identify important events by kid’s stories in order to make decisions and plan actions, so a manager uses his criteria to identify important events of the history in CRM.

As for a parent it is important that a pencil of a new manufacturer got broken and teacher Mrs. Smith did not let kids for a break, so a manager is interested in the fact that the supply of manufacturer X equipment has led to the flow of queries on equipment use.

TimeLine Viewer for Sugar enables you to track the most important and relevant events in the most natural way – on the timeline. Sugar users themselves set criteria to identify events and define what events are valuable and important for their business.

Search and filtering allow you to analyze important events with the hindsight and making the right decisions.

If pencils get broken twice a month, you need to change pencils’ brand, and if Mrs. Smith too often detains children during the break, it’s time to drop in at school.

Here you can read on Timeline Viewer in more detail and see how it enables you to highlight the most important out of the information flow in your Sugar.

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