Logic Builder How-To. Basic Notification Example [Video]

Basic Notification Example [Video]If you are new to Logic Builder, we recommend you to read a short guide on how to get started with it as a first step.

This video shows how to implement simple logic for custom notifications in SugarCRM by means of Logic Builder, a visual scripting tool.

You’ll see how to create a visual script, which would send a notification to users, whenever a new comment is posted to their Acitivity in Activity Stream. Read more »

Drive Smarter Decisions by Integrating SugarCRM with QlikView

Drive Smarter Decisions or the Benefits of SugarCRM Integration with QlikViewAuthor: Stanislav Shyshkin, Content Manager

To run a company you always need to take timely decisions. Let’s face it – you cannot do without reporting and analytics.

Unfortunately, this is the most painful area. Surely, SugarCRM itself provides out-of-the-box capabilities to analyze data and build reports, but they are rather limited and do not allow to dive deep into the cause-and-effect relationships of company’s business processes, which sometimes is not enough for the objective evaluation of its performance. Read more »