Improve 360° View in SugarCRM with TimeLine Viewer

Improve 360° View in SugarCRM with TimeLine ViewerAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

360° view of the customer is a very popular concept, as it significantly reduces time for the search of the right information. TimeLine Viewer by Integros, a SugarCRM plugin which creates new possibilities for implementation of 360° view approach, is aimed to make work with a CRM system more comfortable and user-friendly.

Despite the fact that SugarCRM is truly good at enabling the 360 ° view approach, there is no limit to perfection. There are three reasons to start using TimeLine Viewer. Read more »

Logic Builder How-To. Basic Notification Example [Video]

Basic Notification Example [Video]If you are new to Logic Builder, we recommend you to read a short guide on how to get started with it as a first step.

This video shows how to implement simple logic for custom notifications in SugarCRM by means of Logic Builder, a visual scripting tool.

You’ll see how to create a visual script, which would send a notification to users, whenever a new comment is posted to their Acitivity in Activity Stream. Read more »