Effective Message in SugarCRM. TimeLine Viewer Best Practice

Effective Message in SugarCRM. TimeLine Viewer Best PracticeAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

Integros features TimeLine Viewer, SugarCRM add-on that helps to facilitate a 360° view in the CRM system by posting its and other systems’ value adding activities on the time line.

This is an opening article of our series TimeLine Viewer best practice usage where we will share hands-on guidance on adding the content to TimeLine Viewer in order to increase users’ performance and comfort of work.

Today let us consider an example of assigning a new responsible person to Lead, Account, Opportunity or any other important object.

Let us have a look at two messages:

  • Lead “Lead-Name” was assigned to User-Name
  • New Owner. User-Name was assigned to Lead “Lead-Name” by Nikolay Bulava

Both messages describe the same activity, i.e. the change of a responsible person, but in two different wordings.

You should focus your attention on this information in order to quickly find a fact of interest in the list of other activities.

It is the fact of changing a responsible person that is a key one in our example. Thus, we put it forward (New Owner. User-Name). Understanding who made changes is equally relevant. That is why it makes sense to add this information to the end of the message (by Nikolay Bulava).

A human eye quickly and easily catches the beginning and the end of the message that enables to save a lot of time and efforts on reading and understanding the text.

We necessarily leave a name of the lead in the center as our SugarCRM add-on can display activities by the list of objects and we might need to go to an object’s form.

As you can see, it’s an easy matter. But you can greatly simplify the work of CRM system users.

If you think that to configure such messages is difficult and you need to know programming, then have a look at Logic Builder. This SugarCRM tool enables to manage the message text no harder than write a formula in Excel. Logic Builder enables not only to compose texts for TimeLine Viewer, but solve many other tasks as well. If you don’t believe, watch this video.

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Have an easy work in SugarCRM.

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