SugarCRM Webinar for an Enhanced 360° View [Recording]

How to Get a 360° View of Value Adding Activities in SugarCRMJune 14, 2017 – Those who run a business are well aware that time and information are the most valuable assets. A 360° view of customer interactions allows CRM users to evaluate the situation fast and properly, that means a quicker and smarter decision-making. Integros has recently held the webinar “How to Get a 360° View of Value Adding Activities in SugarCRM”. The purpose of the SugarCRM webinar was to give the answer to the typical business challenges:

  • What important has happened to my Accounts/Leads/Opportunities/Cases/Quotes?
  • How to prepare for a customer talk in 2 sec when customer is hanging on the line?
  • Which leads got new scores last week?
  • What is a yesterday progress of my sales team?
  • What quotes have had status changes over the last 5 days and what was the sequence?
  • Which cases have been reassigned to new representatives?
  • Do we close cases according to SLA?

To overcome these challenges, Integros created TimeLine Viewer, a SugarCRM plugin for extending a 360° customer view. It is our second SugarCRM webinar dedicated to TimeLine Viewer. Since last time the plugin was updated and got new helpful features:

  • the tool became more convenient;
  • teamwork and management possibilities were extended;
  • administration was simplified.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more about TimeLine Viewer’s capabilities and find out how it can save your time, make your work more productive and easier.

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