5 SugarCRM Community Edition Limitations Compared to Sugar Pro

Author: Anna Petelina, Business Development Manager

Thanks to the open code of free of charge SugarCRM (CE) there is a plethora of possibilities to customize the system so that it could meet any specific requirements of the business. However, there are some tasks that require extended functionality of Sugar Professional. See the infographic below to find out what benefits it is going to bring and whether SugarCRM migration to Professional is worth the candle.

5 SugarCRM Community Edition Limitations Compared to Sugar Pro

Is SugarCRM migration to commercial editions worth the cost?

If it’s vital for your company to ensure 2 or more of the above mentioned options, Sugar Professional will work well for you. Paying 40 dollars a month per user, you will get a high-quality CRM platform with guaranteed support and a possibility to save up on servers and maintenance.

If the price is beyond your means, start from implementing SugarCRM CE. Just try to introduce fewer modifications. It will both decrease the SugarCRM implementation budget and simplify migration to more advanced editions, which you are likely to need as your business grows.

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