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How to Make CRM Implementation Truly Profitable?

How to Make CRM Implementation Truly Profitable?Author: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

Project Success = Return on Investment
Much has been written about the fact that customer relationship management (CRM) is a part of any successful business.  In addition, a lot has been said about the fact that a CRM system is a necessary tool for effective customer relationship management. It’s all true, as well as the statistics showing that 60% of CRM system implementation projects never get the return on investment. Read more »

SugarCRM Community Edition vs Professional: Is It Reasonable to Upgrade?

SugarCRM Community Edition vs Sugar Professional: Is It Reasonable to Upgrade?December 15, 2016 – Integros hosted the webinar “SugarCRM Community Edition vs SugarCRM Professional: Is It Reasonable to Upgrade” that attracted both the users of open source CRM systems and those looking for their “perfect CRM”. The webinar disclosed the peculiarities of SugarCRM Community Edition, the most frequent problems associated with its usage and the optimal ways to solve them. The attendees were able to find out the answers to the following questions: Read more »

How to Enhance SugarCRM Lead and Knowledge Management

How to Enhance SugarCRM Lead and Knowledge ManagementAny company may come across a common issue with knowledge sharing when a new employee joins the team. For any manager, it is important to bring a new employee aboard as fast as possible so as not to lose much valuable time on the worker’s training and adaptation to a new working order. Even more important is to ensure that you will not lose your corporate best practices in case your top salesmen decide to resign. How to achieve that corporate best practices in SugarCRM are shared in the most efficient way possible? Thanks to a new SugarCRM extension, it’s no longer a problem. Read more »