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Improve 360° View in SugarCRM with TimeLine Viewer

Improve 360° View in SugarCRM with TimeLine ViewerAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

360° view of the customer is a very popular concept, as it significantly reduces time for the search of the right information. TimeLine Viewer by Integros, a SugarCRM plugin which creates new possibilities for implementation of 360° view approach, is aimed to make work with a CRM system more comfortable and user-friendly.

Despite the fact that SugarCRM is truly good at enabling the 360 ° view approach, there is no limit to perfection. There are three reasons to start using TimeLine Viewer. Read more »

Drive Smarter Decisions by Integrating SugarCRM with QlikView

Drive Smarter Decisions or the Benefits of SugarCRM Integration with QlikViewAuthor: Stanislav Shyshkin, Content Manager

To run a company you always need to take timely decisions. Let’s face it – you cannot do without reporting and analytics.

Unfortunately, this is the most painful area. Surely, SugarCRM itself provides out-of-the-box capabilities to analyze data and build reports, but they are rather limited and do not allow to dive deep into the cause-and-effect relationships of company’s business processes, which sometimes is not enough for the objective evaluation of its performance. Read more »