Improving the CRM System. Things You Must Not Forget About

Improving the CRM System. Things You Must Not Forget AboutAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

Symptoms are manifestations of the disease rather than the disease itself

What we see as an obstacle on the way to the goal, and what we want to fix with the CRM system implementation is often a consequence rather than a cause. Since we want to achieve results, we need to fight the cause of the negative phenomena. Take your time to carry out an in-depth analysis of your particular situation; it is necessary to find out the true obstacles to achieve your goals. You will be surprised how much energy and money you can save.

There is no universal cure

We understand that it does not happen in ordinary life, but when we choose a CRM system, we believe that this is possible, and we want to choose one system to solve all the tasks, rather than pick up a few systems that are suitable for every particular case.

Technologies help, but only people use them

Any CRM project is a mix of technologies and organizational measures. If you implement new or optimize existing processes, make sure that these processes have their owners, and executors, who are trained and motivated to perform their functions. Even if you implement fully automated processes, someone has to constantly analyze how well they meet requirements of the market.

The speed of change

The speed of change in business is growing every year, hence the level of uncertainty when making even the medium-term decisions is growing too. You cannot know what will happen, but you can prepare yourself for the changes. You can compensate the impact of uncertainty with the budget reserve because underfunded project is the worst that can happen: there is no money and the goals are not achieved. The more time the project takes, the greater the budget reserve should be.

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