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Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply SugarCRM Configuration over Code Development. Episode 7 [Recording]

Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply SugarCRM Configuration over Code Development. Episode 7 [Recording]Bundling products is beneficial both for companies and for customers. Businesses can boost cross-selling, save their marketing and distribution costs. At the same time, product bundles are popular with customers who appreciate discounts and simplicity of ordering products.

But how to manage product bundles in the CRM system efficiently? For example, how can the manager form the Quote for the customer, when the Bundle is selected in the Quote? Certainly, the manager can manually add all the bundle products to Quotes and set the price for them, but this is clearly not worth the time. In the new episode of our SugarCRM webcast “Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development”, we show the solution for the task “How to Add Bundle of Products to the Quote”. Read more »

9 Steps to a Successful CRM Go-Live

Few projects can have as big of an impact on your company as a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation. Turning your employees into “customer experts” takes real effort but yields tremendous returns as your teams learn to create loyal advocates from your everyday customers.

And as you might suspect, planning a CRM project takes a combination of skills that go beyond most other IT projects. Read more »

Webinar: How You Can Improve Efficiency of Account Managers in Any Bank [Recording]

Webinar:Working as an account manager in banking and finance industries is quite challenging. Account managers have to deal with a large customer flow and need to perform lots of operations. Today’s complex omnichannel environment, where a lot of humans and information systems is involved, makes this work even more difficult.

Do your Account Managers have to:

• interact and coordinate other departments working on the same customer? Read more »