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Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018Webinars are very popular among users as this is a faster and more comprehensible way to gain new knowledge and find fresh ideas. We at Integros, consider webinars to be an excellent opportunity to communicate with a wide audience in order to share our best practices in many years of working with Sugar and innovative discoveries on how to make work in the CRM system easier, more convenient and efficient. We had a “webinar boom” this year, and now want to share our most popular and useful webinars which were highly appreciated by Sugar users. Read more »

Webinar: Add SugarCRM Power to Your Business [Video]

Webinar: Add the Sugar CRM Power to Your Business [Recording]Every year the PCMag magazine shares the ranking of the best CRM software solutions for professionals. For the fourth consecutive year, SugarCRM was awarded as the leading CRM platform. At our webinar, you will find out what makes Sugar so powerful and distinguishes it from a range of other CRM systems.

Sugar provides your teams with the tools they need to work more efficiently, nurture customer relationships, and quickly close deals. During the webinar, you will find out: Read more »

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for ManufacturingNowadays manufacturers are under competition, price, and disruption pressures and their list of needs would look like this:

• Better manage dealer networks & make them more effective
• Better manage supply chains & make them more efficient
• Anticipate customer needs & changes
• Proactively manage customer accounts Read more »