Technical Guides on SugarCRM

How to Customize SugarCRM to Create a Form

Hands-On SugarCRM Customization: How to Create a Custom FormAuthor: Maksym Nesterenko, Software Engineer

Historically, web technologies have been designed to ensure close interaction between systems, services and their users. One of the most important and common tools of such interaction is data input. SugarCRM has plenty of such forms and that’s why they should be paid attention to. In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize SugarCRM to create a form. I would also like to note that the convenience of forms in various frameworks may be split into two components: the ease of use and the ease of creation. Read more »

How to Customize SugarCRM for Launching the Global Search Mechanism

How to Customize SugarCRM for Launching the Global Search MechanismAuthor: Pavel Chumachenko, Software Engineer

SugarCRM is intrinsically very powerful tool. However, it may become even more efficient when properly customized. So, we proceed with our topic of SugarCRM customization, and today’s tutorial is aimed at SugarCRM administrators. It provides the necessary concept of how the operation of the Global Search mechanism is arranged. It also constitutes the guide for setting up the quick search prior to its first launch. Read more »