Technical Guides on SugarCRM

Must-Have SugarCRM Customization: Make Skype Calls Right from Your CRM

How to Customize SugarCRM: Adding Link to Skype CallAuthor: Pavel Chumachenko, Software Engineer

We are always striving to make work in SugarCRM more convenient and efficient and here we share the most interesting solutions on SugarCRM customization. While filling in data concerning a Lead or a Contact, users of CRM systems frequently include the person’s accounts on different social networks or instant messengers. And while following a link in any social network is a piece of cake, making a Skype call can be much more complicated provided that you know only Skype Name. Read more »

How to Customize SugarCRM for Generation of a User’s Activity Schedule

How to Customize SugarCRM for Generation of a User’s Activity ScheduleAuthor: Pavel Chumachenko, Software Engineer

We continue to reveal the secrets of SugarCRM customization, and our today tutorial contains a step-by-step guide how to generate user’s activity schedule with the help of a module.

To be precise, we will cover the advanced SugarCRM framework, namely, the possibility to create a module for SugarCRM 6, which does not require any storage in a SugarCRM database, but, at the same time, provides the additional upgraded features for CRM system users, i.e. the generation of a user’s activity schedule. Read more »

How to Сustomize SugarCRM Dropdown List Values

How to Сustomize SugarCRM Dropdown List ValuesAuthor: Pavel Chumachenko, Software Engineer

In keeping with the topic of SugarCRM customization, let us consider a fairly common situation: sometimes while working within SugarCRM, the latter appears to miss the simple mechanisms of standard option of displaying/hiding fields. It also lacks those mechanisms that could make the needed field non-editable, i.e. disabled, guided by the meaningful specifics of business processes. And here it is important to note that the certain rules, essential for the correct run of business processes, can require disabling only certain values within the dropdown list. Read more »