Marketing Automation System + CRM System = Sales Growth (Part2)

Author: Anna Petelina, Business Development Manager

Did you know that the average annual revenue growth in companies with well-coordinated and well managed work of sales and marketing departments is 32%, compared to companies of the same industry, which pay little attention to cooperation of these interfacing departments (ABERDEEN GROUP, 2013 )?
There is a good reason to introduce the statistics here.

Those who want to increase sales efficiency, should appreciate what both marketing and sales departments do.

The value of the former lies in attracting prospects and by means of consecutive education, bringing them to the state of “readiness” to make a purchase. Since this moment sellers continue the work and promote a lead through the sales funnel as long as the deal is concluded. And here lies the main value of the latter.

Since the objectives of these two departments differ, the tools for achieving them will be different too. Remember this rule of thumb: MARKETING AUTOMATION SYSTEM – for marketing, CRM SYSTEM – for sales.

Despite the fact that many CRM providers include the Marketing module by default, we recommend to use a specially designed system for this purpose. E-mail marketing alone is surely insufficient.

The mere fact that the marketing automation system coordinates the process of lead management through tools that qualify leads’ interest and track their behavior will force executives to consider its implementation.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of available advantages:

  • better work coordination between marketing and sales departments;
  • better converting;
  • sales cycle reduction.

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