Marketing Automation System + CRM System = Sales Growth (Part3)

Author: Anna Petelina, Business Development Manager

In order to obtain accurate real time analytics integrate your marketing automation system with a CRM system. Act-On is the system that provides off-the-shelf module for integration with CRM system Sugar.

acton marketing automation

The comprehensible Act-On installation provides duplex data synchronization of both Sugar and Act-on. This is a great advantage because you can choose which Sugar functionality you’d like to have in Act-On. Due to periodic synchronization data is always relevant. Here are the objects you can import into Act-On: Leads, Contacts, Reports and Campaigns.

acton marketing automation

The possibility of seamless Act-On and Sugar integration facilitates marketing and sales processes. The following Sugar objects are valuable for sales reps:

  • Hot Prospects – the list of the most active leads and contacts, who are involved in the qualification process
  • Act-On Email – contacts who opened and/or clicked on a particular e-mail
  • Act-On Activity History – provides information about lead activity history and their interests within a timeline

When you run marketing campaigns in Act-On, Sugar automatically updates contact/lead history records; thus Sugar provides a sales rep with the following information:

  • the number of sent e-mails
  • the number of clicks
  • the number of webinar registrations
  • the number of visits to various events
  • the number of white papers downloads
  • the number of site visits
  • and so on

With such high-speed data analysis a sales rep can immediately adjust the e-mail or SMS notifications, both based on behavioral characteristics, as well as profile attributes. Such simultaneous use minimizes the risk to lose the opportunity.

Sugar also enables the possibility to store data generated from Act-On Web forms. The data is not only accumulated in a marketing automation system, but is also automatically updated in Sugar in real time.

Want to integrate SugarCRM with Act-On?

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