Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018Webinars are very popular among users as this is a faster and more comprehensible way to gain new knowledge and find fresh ideas. We at Integros, consider webinars to be an excellent opportunity to communicate with a wide audience in order to share our best practices in many years of working with Sugar and innovative discoveries on how to make work in the CRM system easier, more convenient and efficient. We had a “webinar boom” this year, and now want to share our most popular and useful webinars which were highly appreciated by Sugar users.

5. Webinar: How Salespeople Can Work in Sugar Faster and Easier

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018 CRM system is a must-have for sales reps and sales managers. However, despite all its benefits, salespeople often waste too much time on routine tasks which could be more usefully spent on communicating with leads and customers. At this SugarCRM webinar, we show how to minimize time spent on data search within the system by having an informative feed which collects all key business events instead.

Best works for: sales representatives, sales managers, Sugar evangelists, IT & Sugar admins

Duration: 27 min

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4. Webinar: Productivity Enhancement for Every CRM User with Minimum Effort and Maximum Results

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018There are many effective ways to improve time management and productivity. Undoubtedly, new technologies provide the best opportunities for this purpose. During this SugarCRM webinar, we will show you how a set of tools for Sugar (Customer Journey, Hint, iReports and TimeLine Viewer) helps to improve productivity wherever you are – in the office or on the way, how to communicate with teammates easier and faster, how to get prepared for communication with customers in a second, etc.

Best works for: sales & service representatives, sales & service managers, Sugar evangelists, IT & Sugar admins

Duration: 30 min

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3. Webinar: How to Make Your Sales Team Truly Mobile and Literally Move CRM Data at the End of Their Fingertips

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018In 2018, 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones [Statista, 2018]. This number is growing day by day. Probably, it’s time to admit: mobile access to CRM is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. During this short SugarCRM webinar, we will tell you how to make work in Sugar Mobile more convenient and productive.

Best works for: sales representatives and managers who need to be mobile, Sugar evangelists, IT & Sugar admins

Duration: 16 min

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2. Webinar: How to Both Deliver Great Customer Experience and Automate Email Marketing

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018Perfect customer experience is a key to customer loyalty. And customer loyalty is a key to higher sales 🙂 Watch this SugarCRM webinar to find out how to both improve customer experience and implement intelligent trigger email marketing.

Best works for: sales & marketing managers, sales representatives, inside sales, Sugar evangelists, IT & Sugar admins

Duration: 14 min

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1. Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development

Top 5 SugarCRM Webinars in 2018And our winner this year is….. *drum roll* – “Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development”! In fact, it’s not a single webinar, but a series of episodes unified under a single idea – how to perform different Sugar customizations without programming. We take various real-life Sugar tasks that seem to involve coding and show how to solve them with configuration only.

Best works for: IT & Sugar admins, Sugar evangelists

Average duration: 57 min

Episode 1: Update an Address for Contacts, open Leads and open Quotes whenever Billing Address changes in Account

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Episode 2: When Contact leaves the Company, remove Contact from Opportunity participants and/or assign Task to the manager on Contacts List update

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Episode 3: Configuring email content

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Episode 4: Verifying email address & asking consent for using it

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We hope this list will help you find something interesting for yourself. By the way, all our webinars can be found here: In case you have any specific questions about Sugar, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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