SugarConnection Paris. Recap from Integros (*Spoiler: It was great!)

While some people believe that customer experience is yet another buzzword, the others do their best to deliver great CX, as they know that it is a key to cultivating customers for life. More than a hundred enthusiasts, all united by this common goal, got together at SugarConnection in Paris some time ago:

– SugarCRM experts showcased the new Sugar, a powerful CX platform, including its latest additions (Sugar Connect and Sugar Discover)

– Customers shared their success in leveraging Sugar to deliver exceptional customer experience

– And above all, the attendees had an unparalleled opportunity to communicate with peers, who may come from different countries, but they share exactly the same vision.

SugarCRM’s ecosystem of products has been expanding rapidly in recent months. We all have been watching the changes with baited breath. And now such a great chance to learn about the innovations firsthand from those people who are responsible for their development! Focusing on customers, Sugar Sell, Sugar Market and Sugar Serve are designed to cover every aspect of customer relationships, and the products’ tight integration helps to ensure a seamless customer experience. While there are some worries around about the fact that Sugar is increasingly moving towards the cloud, SugarCRM’s investments in Continuous Cloud Innovation, infrastructure updates and enhancements make us believe that this will be a change for the better.

Integros was honored to be a sponsor of the event. From morning to late evening, we talked to partners and customers, learned from the experts, exchanged our experience and success stories. It was an unforgettable day! We did not come empty-handed – at our booth, we showcased own products, Logic Builder and Events Management Suite, which made a splash in the best sense of the word (At this point, we should stop and give our sincerest thanks to Dr. Emma Stringer, whose passionate speech played an important role here).

Being on the same page with SugarCRM, we build our products on three pillars– No Touch Information Management, Intelligent Customer Experience and Continuous Cloud Innovation. Logic Builder is a powerful cloud-based visual configuration tool that allows customizing Sugar without involving programmers.

Integros has designed Logic Builder as a response to the following challenges:

– in the era of digitalization, every company, especially small and medium ones, lacks programmers

– in the era of CX and User Adoption, every company needs a lot of minor customizations of the basic CRM platform to make its CRM system more efficient and convenient

– the more customizations you add to the basic platform, the more important it is to have documented logic of these customizations to ensure a timely update when it is necessary.

Logic Builder is a magic pill to overcome these challenges. This is what our customers say about Logic Builder:

“We save time, money and our workflows are always up-to-date.” – Brant Myers, Terradatum

“Logic Builder and Integros’ support brings developer level customization to a “point and click” level.” – John Bievenour, The Insurance Exchange

“Not being a code developer Logic Builder has allowed me to quickly implement changes required to our system.” – Jim Ramlall, Dealer-FX

If you’re thrilled with the idea of No Touch Information Management, you should know that our Events Management Suite (EMS) is a synonym to what it represents. Today, in the digital era, even small businesses use more than one information system. CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Scoring, web-sites, and other corporate systems collect tons of useful CRM data, and from day to day you are forced to make additional efforts to transform this data into handy insights.

EMS disrupts the status quo in work with CRM data by giving you actionable insights with no touch where you need it. It provides feeds with personal and team activities along with milestones and upcoming dates. Ron Hicks from API Metrology shares his impression about EMS: “I was very excited to learn about the Events Management Suite for SugarCRM. I had found myself struggling to stay on top of what my sales team was doing on a day-to-day basis. It is very important to me and the business to ensure no lead falls the cracks and we are diligently working to close opportunities. I was spending way to much time trying to keep track of this task.”

Just a few days before SugarConnection, SugarCRM had interviewed us and other sponsors, and one of the questions was “Why did you originally decide to become a Sugar partner?” We answered: “We do believe that every customer is unique in their own way, and this uniqueness needs to be reflected in their CRM system. Sugar was and still is the best choice for doing this.” We stick to this motto day by day when working with our customers, and we do like that the new Sugar is heading its way to delivering an exceptional customer experience. SugarConnection was an incredible opportunity to learn how we all, with our community of global partners and customers, can make it true.

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