New Cool Feature in TimeLine Viewer 2.1 Adds Power to Your Sugar Dashboard and Saves Your Time

New Cool Feature in TimeLine Viewer 2.1 Adds Power to Your Sugar Dashboard and Saves Your TimeAuthor: Nikolay Bulava, CEO

We are glad to present a new cool feature in TimeLine Viewerfiltering My TimeLine feed based on the regular Sugar report.

You may ask: What do I get from this and how it will make my work easier?

For answering let’s take a common challenge for an Account Managers or/and a Customer Success Managers: to control all service events and history that are related to their clients.

What about to do it directly from the daily dashboard in a second? If you use TimeLine Viewer 2.1, it’s a piece of cake.

Let’s do it step-by-step.

First, we need to filter our TimeLine feed just by cases are related to the clients our manager is assigned to.

We can easily select all cases we are interested in by using the “Row and Column” Sugar report. The report filter will be as shown below:

It is enough to add only the Case’ ID field in the report display columns for using report in My TimeLine filter.

We recommend saving this (and similar) report with the name so that it is clear that it is intended to go to TimeLine Viewer filters. It’s just for convenience.

Second, now we are ready to put My TimeLine dashlet on the dashboard with the following filter parameters

  • Target By Report – choose the report name we created before (“TLV FLRT Case by User” in our case)
  • Event Type – choose the set of Case events we are interested

As a result, we received a TimeLine feed that provides us with the up-to-date information of all important events the service department has generated and that has relation to our clients.

Directly from the TimeLine feed we can look into event details ( ), start a new chat (), review an existing one () and comment it () if it’s needed.

Finally, add a Collaboration dashlet next to TimeLine feed to view new answers and comments from colleagues in a second. Add the following filter for viewing only cases’ chats.

That is all. We solved a common challenge using only standard features of Sugar and TimeLine Viewer.

Make your work in Sugar easier and efficient with TimeLine Viewer.

p.s. If you use Sugar Enterprise, you can use Sugar Mobile SDK to provide users with the access to TimeLine feeds on smartphones and tablets by extending regular Sugar Mobile with TimeLine Viewer features. If you need help, you can rely on our support.

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