10 Compelling Reasons to Integrate SugarCRM and Act-On

10 Compelling Reasons to Integrate SugarCRM and Act-OnIs there anybody who still does not know about the benefits of sales and marketing alignment? Probably, everybody has already heard how valuable “smarketing” is. The TAS Group has recently discovered that:

• Companies that aligned sales and marketing generates 208% more revenue from marketing efforts.

• Organizations that implemented smarketing see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates.

However, there is a sad business-world paradox: a rare company is able to tune such efficient cooperation.

The Threats of Sales and Marketing Misalignment

The main problem is that most companies ignore the importance of integrating tools applied in the work of these two allied departments. Here is an example: your sales guys and marketers use different systems to perform working tasks (as a rule these are a CRM system and a marketing automation system), the data is not synchronized between the systems, which can have the following consequences:

  • marketers are unable to spot the moment when a lead is ready for purchase and fail to push it to sales in time, that may result in a loss of a lead. According to the statistics, sales reps ignore 50% of marketing leads (101 B2B Marketing and Sales Tips from The B2B Lead);
  • sales people have no idea about the lead’s activities history and as a result are not capable of building efficient communication with them;
  • marketers have no access to a sales pipeline, that means they cannot plan marketing campaigns for existing customers, but according to the findings, a 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase business profits by anywhere between 25 percent and 125 percent (Gartner Group).

Stop Losing Leads and Money: Integrate SugarCRM with Act-On

Since not every company can afford the luxury of losing profit and customers, it’s a must to provide efficient departments’ cooperation. Luckily, top-notch technologies are an easy way out.

Let’s see how it works based on the example of SugarCRM integration with Act-On marketing automation. It should be noted that both these tools significantly boost the performance of the departments, even being applied separately. However, their integration brings truly impressive results! Perfectly complementing each other, Sugar and Act-On enable efficient collaboration between your sales people and marketers. Moreover:

1. Out-of-the-box SugarCRM integration with Act-On allows synchronizing the systems in no time (up to 1 day)
2. Integration set up requires a minimal IT specialists’ engagement, if any at all.
3. A two-way data sync is provided for the systems, which means employees at all time will have full and up-to-date view of the customers
4. The functionality is easily adapted and scaled according to the business needs
5. Obtaining skills for working in Act-On requires minimal time
6. Vendors’ support is guaranteed
7. The systems comprise best practices of lead generation, nurturing and management
8. Most manual campaign creating processes are automated
9. ROI reports are available on request
10. Marketing functionality is provided, which is unavailable in a CRM system.


Still have doubts about the reasonability of SugarCRM integration with Act-On? Have a look at the last portion of amazing statistics for companies which managed to organize well-tuned work of marketing and sales:

  • the number of closed deals increases by 67% (Marketo)
  • income rise due to marketing by 208% (MarketingProfs)
  • customer retention upturn by 36% (MarketingProfs)
  • annual income increase by 32% (Forrester Research)

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