Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply SugarCRM Configuration over Code Development. Part 1 [Recording]

SugarCRM Webinar: Let’s Practically Apply SugarCRM Configuration over Code Development [Recording]As an open source CRM solution, SugarCRM is highly customizable. It is no wonder that many companies choose and love SugarCRM for its unparalleled flexibility. However, sometimes customization requires code changes that take time and money. Our experience shows that a lot of such tasks can be solved with configuring instead of programming. This is possible due to Logic Builder, a cloud visual tool belt for SugarCRM configuration. With Logic Builder, you can customize your CRM system in a fast and easy way without writing even a line of code.

As an example for our webcast, we took an interesting and important task “Update an Address for Contacts, open Leads and open Quotes whenever Billing Address changes in Account” and showed how to solve it step by step.

This webcast will be especially useful for SugarCRM admins and SugarCRM evangelists who help SugarCRM Users to meet their CRM expectations.

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