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CityAds Media is an advertising platform operating via CPA model.

In January 2014 the management of the Company set the following challenges to the CRM system implementation team:

  • Create a single data repository to store information about advertisers and webmasters
  • Increase the quantity of sales, driven by one manager, and thus reduce the risk of prospects loss
  • Provide the possibility to analyze the financial and non-financial Account/Customer data


By that time, the company has already had stable sales processes, but their effective realization required to find the solution of the following two problems:

  • Guarantee the possibility of gathering large amounts of customer data without managers making too much efforts
  • Provide flexibility in working with each separate opportunity and at the same time meet the practices of a sales and post-sale processes

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Sugar Professional 7 by SugarCRM was choosen as a platform for this purpose. The open Sugar architecture allowed an easy integration of new CRM modules with basic workflow functionality, lead management and sales management.

During the first three months special add-on modules “Domains” and “Opportunity Steps” were developed and implemented. Standard modules (Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities) were adjusted to fit the CityAds Media business model during the same period.

In order to ensure convenient and fast work for the users the following features were added:

  • By default entrance option for customer, lead and opportunity data
  • Special mechanism that ensures every sales stage fulfillment
  • Critical event reminder in terms of leads or opportunities
  • Escalation mechanism that notifies the user when he exceeds the time limit to process the lead or opportunity

For the top-management there has been developed a reporting that accumulated data from CRM system and back-office system, and allowed to evaluate efficiency and performance of marketing and sales processes.

In addition to these tasks during the project we have solved tasks specific to companies with a growing international business. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us so we can further discuss the details.


In April 2014 CityAds Media operated only in 4 countries, with a staff of 50 sales managers. But over 9 months after implementing the CRM system the company now runs business in 9 countries and has successfully developed relationships with more than 800 advertisers and 90K+ webmasters, with a staff of only 65 sales managers.

“At a certain stage of the company growth we decided to implement a CRM system. First of all, we needed the CRM system to (a) create a single data repository to store information about advertisers and webmasters, (b) store the history of interactions with them (webmasters and advertisers) through all the company’s communication channels and (c) analyze the financial and non-financial Account/Customer data. CityAds needed operational CRM with significant analytical capabilities.

We’ve spoken with several companies and have seen a number of solutions but decided to choose Integros as an integrator and Sugar as a future CRM system. During January-March 2014 we completed planning and preparation works for the implementation, as well as defined the scope of works and conducted training for users.

And in April 2014 the system was actually rolled-out.

During the 2014 year SugarCRM proved to be a stable, user friendly, reliable and flexible solution that fully meets the business needs. Integros employees proved to be the high-class professionals to deal with. They are able to cope with any tasks no matter how complex they are. CityAds Media is totally satisfied with cooperation with the Integros Company and we believe that our future cooperation will be more productive.”

Pavel Tsapyuk
Head of CRM Department, CityAds