TimeLine Viewer. Release Notes

v. 2.9

in TimeLine View

  • Added support for Sugar 11

v. 2.8

in TimeLine View

  • Added support for Sugar 10.1

v. 2.7

in TimeLine View

  • Added support for Sugar 10

v. 2.6

in TimeLine View

  • Added support for Sugar 9.2

v. 2.5

in TimeLine View

  • Fixed. Formation of a request for counting the number of records displayed by a TLV dashlet for MS SQL Server.

v. 2.4

in TimeLine View

  • Added support for Sugar 9.
  • Fixed TLV button styles in listview

v. 2.3

in TimeLine Reports

  • Fixed dynamic creation of TLV links with other modules for use in reports

v. 2.2

in TimeLine View

  • Fixed minor bug

v. 2.1

in TimeLine Dashlet

  • Filtering Key Events by Targets/Objects, which are represented in (or excluded from) the Report of Rows and Columns type

v. 2.0

in TimeLine Dashlet and TimeLine View

  • Enhanced readability with the redesigned thread
  • Increased events perception by introducing bigger icon size
    – increased font of the displayed event information
    – optimized display of date and time of eventss
    – when scrolling, parent elements “stick” to the top of the plug-in window
  • Faster collaboration by marking the commented events
    – events with unread comments are marked in Red 0.png
    – events with all read comments are marked in Black 1.png
    – for events with no comments, user sees Create Comment button 2.png
    – comments are displayed by clicking on Comment button 3.png
    – number of new posts in the comment thread is provided
  • Easy catching of the events with Brief and Detail views
    – each event with details is marked with an icon 4.png
    – details are accessible inline by clicking on the the icon.

in Collaboration Dashlet

  • Each comment is linked to the object it belongs to, so user can navigate to the object immediately
  • Reading a comment automatically marks it as read